Saturday, 3 January 2009


A REAL MAN will say I love you and mean it
A fake man will say I like you, but only for the moment

A REAL MAN will open the door for you
A fake man may have you open the door for him

A REAL MAN will give his heart and soul to you
A fake man will give you his body and a one-night stand

A REAL MAN will be there when you need him the most
A fake man will be there when you need him the least

A REAL MAN will know when he has hurt your feelings and gone too far
A fake man keeps going until you tell him he needs to stop

A REAL MAN knows when his time is up
A fake man doesn't know when to give up

A REAL MAN doesn't mind being the protector
A fake man doesn't care as long as he's protected

A REAL MAN will hold you and dry your tears
A fake man will sit there watching you cry and say "man up"

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