Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jahna Sebastian at Manchester Carnival 2012 DAY 2 PICS

One day 2 of Caribbean Carnival on Manchester it was a blessing to share the stage with reggae legend Frankie Paul, who was the headline and meet other great artists, musicians. 

Jahna Sebastian and Frankie Paul
Jahna Sebastian, producer Negus Esh and reggae artist Diego Flex
Jahna Sebastian, rapper Baratone, Zipparah Tafari ("Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone") and Lennie (Coolshade Records)
Jahna Sebastian, rapper Baratone, Zipparah Tafari ("Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone") and Lennie (Coolshade Records)

Jahna Sebastian, producer Negus Esh and Diego Flex

Saturday, 25 August 2012

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: Jahna Sebastian "Tell Me" new dancehall

As we are approaching Notting Hill Carnival, let's get into the right mood! Brand new dancehall tune on Coolie Gal riddim and you know, the sound of it also resonates with my Indian roots, seen!
A bit of story behind my reggae and dancehall roots
I first recorded dancehall back in 2004 when I was a part of the first Russian dancehall act - the group called "Muzungu", I remember the first time we performed at Bob Marley Festival together in 2005 and we had a live set up with sexy dancers, we were the only ones doing it among old school roots reggae heads who's sound was mostly inspired by Jamaican reggae of the 70's. The crowd was clearly divided into two groups: one half got into the rhythm immediately shaking their dreadlocks and/or booty and another half of Russian rastas with a "positive attitude" was just standing there with there mouths and eyes wide open like WTF? Of course, after we got the right amount of hate to prove that we made history, other dancehall singers/groups appeared and grew fast like magic mushrooms in Russia especially since I left Russia in 2006.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"Hunger for Love" by Jahna Sebastian (reggae)

Check out one of my latest tunes "Hunger for Love"

Jahna Sebastian live at Vibe Bar "Emancipation II" August 20th 2012

It was a great night at Vibe Bar on August 20th at Plugged in Switched On and I really enjoyed performing there and checking out other talented artists showcase their music. Watch the video of me performing one of my tunes "Emancipation II", which is very special to me as it comes from a very deep place in my heart inspired by experiences I have had in my life circa 2007/2008 when I found real freedom physically and spiritually and then wrote the song for my album "Emancipation EP". This version is the most current version which I have re-worked in 2011 with a different instrumental I have produced.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jahna Sebastian performed at Caribbean Carnival of Manchester 2012, Day 1 PICS

I performed on both days at Caribbean Carnival in Manchester on August 11th and 12th. I met many great artists and it was a superb experience with thousands of people really coming together united by the music and culture.

Check out the pics from Day 1:

Monday, 6 August 2012

Jahna Sebastian at Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2012 (PICS)

I performed at Leicester Caribbean Carnival on August 4th. It was my first time in Leicester and a brilliant occasion to visit the city, I really enjoyed it. There were many talented performers, it was lively and colorful, of course I love Caribbean food and I had plenty of rice&peas and fried fish! Check out the pics below and the video is coming soon.

Soundcheck before it started

WITH R&B/URBAN GROUP D'VOTION http://www.dvotiononline.co.uk/


Jahna Sebastian and P.Nology in the studio 31.07.2012 (VIDEO)

I was recording rapper P.Nology in my studio Multivizion Music a few days ago collaborating on some new music, check out the video below:

P.Nology (Perry Devonish) is a British music artist based in Coventry and London. As a young Devonish influenced by his older cousin and World Olympic Athletic Gold medallist ‘Marlon Devonish’, there can be no such thing as not being on point for P.Nology. P.nology is known for his addictive catchy hooks and a unique melodic delivery with his distinctive gravel-stone voice and fiery but smooth stage presence. From Performing in Japan at the Hiroshima Peace Festival, to touring within Spain not forgetting sharing the stage with artist such as KRS 1, Ninja Man, Kano, Jamelia & Skinnyman just to name a few. P.Nology has satisfied high expectations and is regarded by many as one of the UK's brightest talents. 

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