Saturday, 25 August 2012

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: Jahna Sebastian "Tell Me" new dancehall

As we are approaching Notting Hill Carnival, let's get into the right mood! Brand new dancehall tune on Coolie Gal riddim and you know, the sound of it also resonates with my Indian roots, seen!
A bit of story behind my reggae and dancehall roots
I first recorded dancehall back in 2004 when I was a part of the first Russian dancehall act - the group called "Muzungu", I remember the first time we performed at Bob Marley Festival together in 2005 and we had a live set up with sexy dancers, we were the only ones doing it among old school roots reggae heads who's sound was mostly inspired by Jamaican reggae of the 70's. The crowd was clearly divided into two groups: one half got into the rhythm immediately shaking their dreadlocks and/or booty and another half of Russian rastas with a "positive attitude" was just standing there with there mouths and eyes wide open like WTF? Of course, after we got the right amount of hate to prove that we made history, other dancehall singers/groups appeared and grew fast like magic mushrooms in Russia especially since I left Russia in 2006.

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