Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Alexander Solovyov - very talented filmmaker

Check out his works, very talented, support and spread the word, his web-site:
Great ideas are always coming from the underground scene before they get picked up by corporate world, but remember the source is always the young, hungry and very blessed brain of independent filmmakers, artists, producers. Believe and support the scene, this is our generation speaking.


Абонент (Subscriber) from Alexander Soloviev "dvizhenie" on Vimeo.


Beethoven from Alexander Soloviev "dvizhenie" on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tribe - mixtape "London Chronicles" - download FREE

NEW MIXTAPE by Russian hip-hop group Tribe (Den Bro, Mark, Chiff) "London Chronicles", all vocals recorded and mixed at my studio "Multivizion Music".

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Эти новости (feat. Дамани)
3. Между нами
4. Skit
5. Хроники Лондона 1
6. Хроники Лондона 2
7. Skit
8. Каждый день (Mark соло)
9. East London (feat. Oxxxymiron & Ganz)
10. Промо (Chiff соло)
11. Меня не изменить
12. Мой стиль (Den Bro соло)
13. Надежда
14. Свое кино
15. Outro

Vocals recorded and mixed by Jahna Sebastian


Download from Sendspace
Download from

Thursday, 22 April 2010

organizing the garden today

organizing the garden today, assembling a table, the weather was great though.

Pray for my Grandmother

My Grandmother in Russia was diagnosed with cancer and every day counts, although she has always been a very independent person, I guess it's being from the generation that has gone through World War II when she spent her childhood in extreme conditions and then living in Soviet Union that she has her principles to try and sustain on her own. There is only certain type of treatment and operation that can help her but it costs A LOT of money and because of the way health care in Russia is as everything else it's a matter of money and only money to make the jump through the long queue possible. It's crazy that she doesn't want to take money from me saying that she doesn't want it to be in her great granddaughter Nicole's (my daughter) detriment knowing that I am a single mother getting through. Even though I am trying to organize it for her it's surprising how in one part of the world a person in need of saving their life refuses to take from others when elsewhere someone else can take everything away even from others just to feed their ego. She was also looking after her husband who was a lieutenant colonel who was paralyzed for a few years after a stroke until he passed. Well, miracles happen when there is faith and when there is no cash to make make a change the only thing left is pray to God for forgiveness and strength to go through what is ordained.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Jahna Sebastian INTERVIEW ON INVINCIBLE RADIO April 2010 + live perfomance

Speaking about life, coming to London, music, gaining freedom and the story behind songs "Emancipation" and "Nothing Like My Freedom" + a preview of a new song "Famous" with Congo Natty aka Rebel MC +

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Friday, 9 April 2010

Tribe - mixtape "London Chronicles" + New track from Insomnia Music Productions/Multivizion Music

Russian hip hop group "Tribe" (Den Bro, Mark, Chiff) will release their mixtape next week, it's been very blessed to record them in my studio Multivizion Music, although I had to mix the vocals for the last 7 seven tracks on a very tight schedule when I just got two other jobs (started recently working with British DJ&MC Academy as a producer/engineer and working on film/commercial productions) and three other projects with various artists, it's now finished and just needs the graphic design to be submited.

There was very little going when I came to London within young Russian community apart from a few trance parties, but nothing to do with hip hop, dubstep, drum n bass etc. In the space of three years from the time when Den Bro started recording in my studio for the first time when people were just gathering in Green Park and getting some ideas together, freestyling and it wasn't clear where it was going, the movement has progressed a lot. We all linked each other from all parts of London and started working together. We all learned a lot, Den Bro, Mark, Chiff, No Limit, I1, Oxxxymiron and everyone else grew on every level. Now there is a strong voice coming from London Russian hip hop scene and connection between the movement and Russian speaking countries.

Also Sharon Cherry Ballard's songs produced by Gareth Nathan and mixed by me "Music Is My Remedy" and "Three Words I Can't Say" will be released through Multivizion Music/Insomnia Music Productions in May 2010.

In the mean time I'm working on a few dubstep remixes at the moment.

My crew:

Project X in my old studio back in 2009, Multivizion Music (RUSSIAN)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I'm going live on NLP TV on 9th April at 7pm GMT

Tomorrow I'm going live on NLP TV with Tribe, Damanifest, Badman J, DJ Rascal Van Russ, DJ Loki, DJ Art, DJ Hatemost

Don't qoute me if I didn't say it

If it's not an official interview or blog post on one of my web-sites, don't qoute me. All blogs claiming "she said ... ", "she addresses ..." "she claimes ... " are wrong because I have never spoken to any media outlet regarding the situation with my daughter whether it's in Russia or anywhere else in the world. The ones speculating on this are the blogs. Get your facts right! Get a life!

On set as an Indian bride

I was on set as an Indian bride yesterday, Abu Dhabi Bank Commercial

Multivizion Music news

Multivizion Music is an independent label and production company currently working on projects with Congo Natty aka Rebel MC, Lady MC, Oxxxymiron, Tribe (Den Bro, Mark, Chiff), Gareth Nathan (Insomnia Productions), Sherene Dyer, British DJ&MC Academy and many more. Officiak web-site with prices for studio time, mixing and production coming soon. For any aditional information please contact