Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pray for my Grandmother

My Grandmother in Russia was diagnosed with cancer and every day counts, although she has always been a very independent person, I guess it's being from the generation that has gone through World War II when she spent her childhood in extreme conditions and then living in Soviet Union that she has her principles to try and sustain on her own. There is only certain type of treatment and operation that can help her but it costs A LOT of money and because of the way health care in Russia is as everything else it's a matter of money and only money to make the jump through the long queue possible. It's crazy that she doesn't want to take money from me saying that she doesn't want it to be in her great granddaughter Nicole's (my daughter) detriment knowing that I am a single mother getting through. Even though I am trying to organize it for her it's surprising how in one part of the world a person in need of saving their life refuses to take from others when elsewhere someone else can take everything away even from others just to feed their ego. She was also looking after her husband who was a lieutenant colonel who was paralyzed for a few years after a stroke until he passed. Well, miracles happen when there is faith and when there is no cash to make make a change the only thing left is pray to God for forgiveness and strength to go through what is ordained.

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