Friday, 21 October 2011

Jahna Sebastian in "Nasheeli" short film

Singer, producer and actress Jahna Sebastian played the lead role in short film “Nasheeli” which tells a story of a young Muslim girl from London by the name Nasheeli who is caught up in the vortex of conflicting emotions within herself. The story deeply reflects on issues which young women deal with especially in big cities like London zooming into this situation. The film was written and directed by Samantha Ulysses, Produced by Ema Makauskaite
Camera & Production management by Sana Akbar
Sound, Editor&SFX - Kendal Campbell

While working on music Jahna Sebastian has been acting in small and big productions, films and commercials, taking still photos for adverts. While growing up she was taking part in all theatre performances at school, her first paid role was at the age of 13 in a music video by the late Russian rock star Anatoly Krupnov in 1999. She got the role through the same casting director who earlier had spotted and cast her for the lead role in PEPSI commercial in Russia, but her mother cancelled it when she found out that then 11-year old Jahna would have had to wear bikini for Brazil Carnival scenes in commercial. Although focusing mainly on music earlier Jahna who also produces and engineers for other artists as well as herself in her London studio, has also been concentrating more on her acting efforts more recently. Since releasing music video for her song “Fame Money Game” which she has produced, Jahna is also working on her album, upcoming mixtape by UK rapper Markul.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

MARKUL mixtape cover art

Cover and track list for Marlul's upcoming mixtape which I am recording and mixing at Multivizion Music.

2.Другой Маршрут
4.Кастинг feat Grju
5.Бешеный Темп
7.В Тихом Омуте feat Oxxxymiron
8.Шанс feat den bro
9.Свой Круг feat No limit
10.Куда Идти feat Porchy

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a video by Markul featuring Oxxxymiron:

with cameo from Devlin

Only Faith

It's kinda twisted, once again my Mom has to go through re-approving here disability and every year has to do it in Russia despite a whole bunch of deseases you can imagine from battling breast cancer for years to stroke and diabetes and you have to pay for every check-up, every test and visit to every doctor, not mentioning medication and hospitalization, you have to pay for just jumping the queue because otherwise it can take months, years and could be just too late! Whoever has more money has more chances to survive. I am not talking about private health care, this is about local doctors, can't blame them though, their salaries are very low. It would have been cheaper to get the most expensive health insurance in the top company BUT ... nobody over there insures health of a person who had every been diagnosed with cancer! Because no matter how much money is spend there is no guarantee ... So it's like running in circles without knowing how much money it will cost, we have never been able to actually purchase all the medication and treatment needed for her and still it's just been pure faith, internal strength and trying to focus on positive thinking as much possible. I am my Mother's only child and the first time she was diagnosed with breast cancer was when I was 16 and I remember visiting her in hospital and seeing all these people with all forms of cancer in the post-operaton rooms and hearing their stories. I won't go into details cause it's too depressive. After that it's just been a battle with various things including side effects from one treatment to another and getting in huge debts and trying to get out of them. I wish the system over there will change and become more human towards people who have no other choice but fight for survival and buying life shouldn't be the only option because everyone should have equal chance to live. Only faith has been the main source of movement for my Mom in a form of mental power to heal from inside when there is not enough possibility to get help in a physical form from the outside - like the state.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Anthem Instrumental (Produced by Jahna Sebastian, Hip Hop)

Anthem hip hop Instrumental
Produced by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music TO DOWNLOAD FREE SIGN UP
Original song is "When Love Comes Around" by Jahna Sebastian released on "SUMMER 2010" compilation for MIX-TAPE.ME: