Friday, 21 October 2011

Jahna Sebastian in "Nasheeli" short film

Singer, producer and actress Jahna Sebastian played the lead role in short film “Nasheeli” which tells a story of a young Muslim girl from London by the name Nasheeli who is caught up in the vortex of conflicting emotions within herself. The story deeply reflects on issues which young women deal with especially in big cities like London zooming into this situation. The film was written and directed by Samantha Ulysses, Produced by Ema Makauskaite
Camera & Production management by Sana Akbar
Sound, Editor&SFX - Kendal Campbell

While working on music Jahna Sebastian has been acting in small and big productions, films and commercials, taking still photos for adverts. While growing up she was taking part in all theatre performances at school, her first paid role was at the age of 13 in a music video by the late Russian rock star Anatoly Krupnov in 1999. She got the role through the same casting director who earlier had spotted and cast her for the lead role in PEPSI commercial in Russia, but her mother cancelled it when she found out that then 11-year old Jahna would have had to wear bikini for Brazil Carnival scenes in commercial. Although focusing mainly on music earlier Jahna who also produces and engineers for other artists as well as herself in her London studio, has also been concentrating more on her acting efforts more recently. Since releasing music video for her song “Fame Money Game” which she has produced, Jahna is also working on her album, upcoming mixtape by UK rapper Markul.

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