Saturday, 23 January 2010

Being Humble - Taking off Rose Colored Glasses

It's easy to say "stay humble", but it's so hard to be REAL humble. I just spoke yesterday with one of my friends, who came from Russia, that it's amazing how the class mentality is much bigger in the West, although they are the ones shouting louder than anyone about "equality", in reality the myth of class theory by Karl Marx that has been excepted by everyone without even questioning it is still alive. On another hand people are stuck in classifying and grouping people depending on "what you own", "your income", "where you live", "how you dress", "what car you driving", "what kind of spirits you drinking" or "oh no, you only use public transport?" which is not much different from the way people used to percieve each other, in for example, Europe of Middle Ages or Ancient Rome. The difference is that today the boundaries between the "classes" are a bit more liquid although the top remains more or less the same way almost unachievable. The love of numbers - is just a game of numbers, nothing more, but people measure each other in amount of all these degrees, points, awards, amount of money in the bank. All this is so questionable depending on time and can vary within a single life time so often, that in no way it can measure the qualities of a human personality. But today people don't care, everyone wants to be famous and does any weird stuff to get into the magazines, and the comments become more frequent: who care he/she is making money, no matter how! Does it make him/her a better person? No. So it could be a complete idiot, but as long as that person is making money and holds the status - thumbs up. Well, people can get famous for anything from shoes to sex tapes today and then they think they are better than eveyone else.

On another note once when someone is in a position where everyone praises you and is literally licking the floor you stepped on to, nobody ever affords to push you in the shop or show at any point in time that you are unimportant, it's hard to stay grounded and keep the true picture of yourself, isn't it? Of course, majority will always hail if the influential one/expert told them that is they way. Just because there is a mass hysteria about some people, they easily forget that everything from their image to the way they are being perceived is no more than a product of the industry. Some might have known it from the beginning, but as the time went buy that vanished. If you only hear "oh, you're so great!" can you be your own judge and take of the rose colored glasses? Because even when doing great things we're not supposed to also praise ourselves for it, it should be accepted as part of the path, otherwise it's easy to get into self-delusion. We can't build our pride on certain things that have been given to us by God - like beauty, talents and luck or especially use them to bring other people down. Who said that life is a competition and the main goal is to divide and rule? Every empire had it's cycle: the rise - the growth and golden age - the collapse. There is nothing new under the sun as we know, the history repeats itself. To be free is to get rid of that kind of state of mind. We are all spiritual beings first of all, not what we think is our self-identification by proffession and social status is. To be continued ...

check out this song by Green Tea ft Kenny Wesley "Rose Colored Glasses":

Saturday, 16 January 2010

My new track "Angels"


Angels by Jahna Sebastian
Instrumental Diddy - Angels
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