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Адвокат Домбровицкий П.С. омрачает память моей бабушки

Информация в статье не достоверна и не объективна.
Адвокат Домбровицкий П.С. омрачает память моей бабушки – Фомичёвой Лилии Яковлевны. 
Пользуясь своим положением, сознательно вмешиваясь в устои нашей семьи и навязывая свои нравоучения, публикует надуманные сведения о взаимоотношениях в нашей семье. 

Более того уже несколько месяцев ведётся судебное разбирательство и оно до настоящего времени не завершено. 

Моя бабушка никогда не была нами забыта или заброшена. 

Жанна Андрианова aka Jahna Sebastian

Monday, 16 December 2013



Written, recorded, performed, produced, arranged and mixed by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music

Artwork designed by Kevin Hudson @KHKreations


7 Tracks

Sunday, 24 November 2013

VIDEO: "Running" and "Always Be There" compilation

"Running" and 'Always Be There" compilation from live shows in Leamington Spa (Leamington Assembly), Rochester and Coventry Filmeds and edited by Elvis Eddie Borth songs also entirely written and produced by Jahna Sebastian

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jahna Sebastian in the studio with The Lost Enemy at Multivizion Music

Watch In the studio with The Lost Enemy recording "One and Million" OUT SOON! Multivizion Music studio follow: @MultivizionMus @TheLostEnemy @JahnaSebastian Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds

Monday, 7 October 2013

Jahna Sebastian and P.Nology live in Rochester on 4th October snippet video

I performed in Rochester on 4th October some of my songs including "Lights On" with P.Nology which I have produced. Full video of my performance coming soon until then here is a snippet of me performing with P.Nology at the end of my set:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

DJ Jay Q interview with Jahna Sebastian, Tierz, Mayne Mayjor on Urban Jazz Radio VIDEO and PHOTOS

Like this episode? Check out the FULL show with the songs played :

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds crew Facebook :

Jahna Sebastian, Tierz, Mayne Mayjor interviewed by DJ Jay Q on Urban Jazz Radio on 21 September 2013 Jamie Lock also in the studio
Jahna Sebastian :
Mayne Mayjor :
Tierz :
Jamie Lock:

Performance with Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds crew supporting Dappy from N-Dubz at Leamington Assembly PHOTOS

On 26th September I performed at Leamington Assembly at a charity event with Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds crew sharing the stage with Dappy from N-Dubz. The charity event was held to benefit Birmingham Children's Hospital

Modulation, P.Nology, Mayne Mayjor, The Lost Enemy, Tierz, Shifty P and myself representing the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds with Jamie Lock and Shayla Marie. Big shout out to Shayla Marie, Kevin Hudson, Elvis Eddie, James Powell and Robin Belg who filmed and took the photos

Me and Dappy


Me on stage performing my songs

The Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds ripping the stage

Backstage at Leamington Assembly before the show

All Access

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds very special COMPILATION CD OUT NOW!!!

With The Lost Enemy backstage at Leamington Assembly

With Modulation


With P.Nology performing "Light On"

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

"Holy Grail" Jay-z feat Justin Timberlake cover remix by Jahna Sebastian

cover/remix performed and produced by Jahna Sebastian

video filmed and edited by Jahna Sebastian includes a few scenes filmed by Elvis Eddie

for promotional purposes 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Jahna Sebastian performed at Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013 PHOTOS and Instavideos

Jahna Sebastian performed at Leicester Caribbean Carnival on 3rd of August 2013 her songs "Diamond Light", "Running", "Always Be There". Leicester Carnival gathers tens of thousands of people every year.

View from the stage

Backstage jammin

Backstage before performance

On the office bus backstage at Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013

Some of the dance crews and floats

video of Jahna's performance will be out soon

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jahna Sebastian performed live at Wycombe Community Festival 2013 VIDEO + PHOTOS

Wycombe Community Festival 13 July 2013

Watch Jahna Sebastian's performance

Jahna Sebastian with Ron and BBC 1Xtra dj Seani B, who hosted the festival

Jahna Sebastian Backstage

Jahna Sebastian and reggae singers Nereus Joseph, Donovan KingJay and Barbara Naps

 Jahna Sebastian and reggae singers Nereus Joseph, Donovan KingJay and Barbara Naps
Sound engineer's set up

Thursday, 13 June 2013

"The Edge of Love" Jahna Sebastian NEW 2013! PREVIEW

"The Edge of Love" Jahna Sebastian coming soon!

Written, recorded, produced, performed, arranged and mixed by Jahna Sebastian 2013

Friday, 24 May 2013

"ALWAYS BE THERE" by JAHNA SEBASTIAN ///// SINGLE OUT NOW on iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc. !!!

A fantastic drum and bass version of Jahna Sebastian’s amazing track ‘Always be There’
The vocals in this are just amazing, and will be in your head forever. 
Combined with rolling beats and some down and dirty bass this remix really delivers.
Make sure not to miss this one on it’s release. 

Available here:

Jahna Sebastian is an singer/actress and accomplished musician who writes, produces, performs, engineers, mixes her own music doing it all from programming instruments to editing. She is also producing and engineering for other artists, having recorded and mixed entire albums and mixtapes in her studio Multivizion Music, which since it’s establishment has become the centre of Russsian rap and grime scene in London. Together with rapper Oxxxymiron they brought grime and dubstep to Russia. Classically trained on piano while getting her Degree in “Music Business” at Russian Academy of Music, she had also learned to read music at the age of 7 when she had played domra in children’s orchestra for 8 years. From Jahna's first appearance on MTV Russia at the age of 13 to becoming top reggae artist in Russia, she has moved to UK in 2006 and expanded her musical horizons with various genres including dubstep, drum&bass, grime, electro, hip hop etc. 
She had also been extensively performing around the UK, including jungle raves and London Peace Concert on Tranfalgar Square in 2007, World Sickle Cell Day 2012 in Wolverhampton in West Park, Manchester Carnival, Leicester Carnival etc. 
She has worked with many artists and producers like rap group "Tribe", Markul, P.Nology, No Limit, Congo Natty, Sherii ven Dyer, Insomnia Beats Productions, Rephlex, and many others. She is currently working on her upcoming album and collaborating with other artists on their projects. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Love vs status and money

When I have just moved to UK in 2006 my friend and I had a conversation in an Italian cafe in Leicester Square about staying in the UK. She was also Russian and she mentioned that she would even marry a random person for passport. I told I her I wouldn't do that because I take marriage seriously and I just don't see the point of it without love. I would rather obtain status and money through hard work, but marriage has to be a manifestation of love, infinite sexual attraction and relationship with your best friend for me. I am not no goody two shoes or a preacher of "no sex before marriage", life is an experience and it is different for everyone, restricted or freed by certain religious, spiritual views, morals or lack of thereof etc.  I just think that whatever you do before marriage is accountable to personal choices and even making certain mistakes, but marriage itself carries for me hope for eternal love, that is a magnetic force and has nothing to do with monetary values or status. When I was unlawfully detained while pregnant with my daughter fighting for my political asylum case, three men including my ex phoned me and offered to marry them for passport thinking they could have saved my situation with that and I turned them down. I did it consciously and even had a long argument with one of those men on the phone, when I told him I won't do it without love, he laughed and said he thought I was delusional without wishing me the best, guess he was hurt I didn't take the business deal. I took the hard way of proving my refugee status for the following two years, while being a single mother, but I won my case, I am independent and I am not tied to no one without love, unconditional love, even if the condition was British passport and financial stability. I chose to fight for my case until I won and wait for the best marriage I can have for LOVE.

Monday, 4 March 2013

My Work: Music, films, commercials etc.

This is a very brief list of some of the stuff I have worked on and that has been released, not counting stuff that hasn't been finished or released yet, but will be in the future. I keep working and believing, non stop, thousands of hours and sacrificing many things for what I am passionate about: music and film. Even in when I was unlawfully detained for two months while pregnant with my daughter I kept practicing, booking Christian prayer room when available to play piano and sing. I have been doing music from age 7, decided to pursue music career professionally at age 11 despite being discouraged by my Dad as it wasn't considered a "proper profession like an IT specialist or a doctor". Anyway, I learned to make beats, engineer, write, perform, sing, dance and do the whole 360 in music and also music business to a certain level and I keep reading, practicing and creating. I study every day and still have a lot to learn and make more music, more films, more videos. One thing I wish like most other musicians: a bigger field of opportunities to play in and to do bigger things, for a while I feel I have been stuck in a position where I have tons of ideas, just need a millie to put them to work. Yes, I have done a lot of things low budget or zero budget, but let's face it you need real money to really make not just a music video, but a real movie to illustrate music piece, not just a PA performance, but a proper stage show with lighting, visuals etc. and to put certain ideas across. One day ...

 Jahna Sebastian EPK 2012 - A journey in music and performing arts HD

"The Edge of Love"
"Always Be There" dnb remix (2013)
"Running" (2012) music video on KicoTV:
"Stay Afloat" O.B.S. feat Jahna Sebastian, music video:
"The Other Side (2012)
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" and remix net video:
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" Produced by Jahna Sebastian
"Lights On" P.Nology feat. Jahna Sebastian (Produced by Jahna Sebastian)
"Against Us" Monsterstarz feat. Jahna Sebastian club (2012)
"Always Be There" reggae (2012) on Reggae Forever Vol. 3 compilation
"Hunger for Love" reggae (2012)
"Tell Me" dancehall
"Fame Money Game" music video (2011):
"Emancipation II" (Multivizion Music, 2011)
"No Illusions" (2010) music video:
"When Love Comes Around" on "Summer 2010" compilation:
"Find Me" (2010) Written and produced with Gareth Nathan
"Emancipation EP" (Multivizion Music, 2009) 8 songs
"Pover' v Moyu Lubov" McWertX feat. Jahna Sebastian (2009)

other production and engineering credits:
"Vechniy Jid" LP by Oxxxymiron (engineer/recording at Multivizion Music, 2011) 14 Songs
"Russky Cockney" hit single by Oxxxymiron additional vocals (500 000 views)
"Nevalyashka" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)
"Ultima Thule" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)
"Vzveshenniy Rap" mixtape  by Markul (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivzion Music, 2011)
"Moi Mentalitet" dubstep version (production/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2011)
"Heart Skip a Beat" single by Sherii Ven Dyer (2011)
"Stratford" remix by Markul (production/recording/mixing 2011)
"V Tihom Omute" Oxxxymiron and Markul (engineering/mixing) music video with cameo from Devlin:
"How Would You Feel" (2012) and "Mek Yuh My Man" (2010) by Sherii Ven Dyer
"Chertovo Koleso" Oxxxymiron feat. No Limit and I1 (engineering, mixing 2011)
"Hroniki Londona" mixtape by rap group "Tribe" (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2009)
"V Strane Jenshin" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"Den Fizkulturnika" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"So Storoni Vostoka" mixtape by Den Bro (2008)
a few tracks by other artists like Kofi Blaxx, Relevance, Buzzstart etc.

With "Muzungu" reggae group (singing/performing/writing/production:
"Leave It Up" LP Muzungu (Navigator Records, 2009) album
"SU242" Produced by Jason Air, London (2006)
With reggae/hip hop group Jah Soldiers (singing/performing/writing/production):
"Multivizion Time" LP (2007)
other solo:
"Tough Game" single (2008)
"Magic Trix" (2006)
"We Live Forever" single (2004) (singing. prod. by Laslo) 

Acting advert
"Harry Potter 7", "Eastenders", "Made in Chelsea", "I Give It a Year", "Trance" etc. commercials (Samsung, Grolsch, Sainsburys, Vodaphone, BBC, BRIT AWARDS promo, Playboy Perfume, Footlocker, Masterchef India, Bank of Abu Dhabi, Subway, Debenhams, Kelogg's, B&Q, Halifax, Gatwick Corporate etc.)

short films"Nashilee", "Coin", "French Fries and Chocolate Cupcake", feature film "Reversed" (tba 2012

Jahna Sebastian KicoTV [OFFICIAL INTERVEW]

Interview on Hillz 98,6 FM:


Interview on UK Community Eye TV:
Avenue Mag UK:

interview on A.I.M. radio

 about martial arts:

 about music and other stuff:

Over 150 Live performances in Russia and across the UK from Moscow to many shows in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, High Wycombe, Coventry, Rochester, Waltham Cross etc.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

МОШЕННИКИ И ХАМЫ ООО "НГППР" !!! Моя бабушка находится в критическом состоянии

МОШЕННИКИ!!! Организация ООО "НГППР" (НАЦИОНАЛЬНАЯ ГИЛЬДИЯ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНЫХ ПЛАТЕЛЬЩИКОВ РЕНТЫ) под предлогом предоставления ухода за моей бабушкой Лилий ЯковлевноЙ Фомичевой, которая сейчас находится в предкомовом состоянии, пытается заполучить ее квартиру, по-хамски игнорируют нас, ее родственников, отказывается выдать нам ключи от квартиры, ее личные документы, включая ее паспорт, и, что самое подозрительное, это то, что здоровье моей бабушки внезапно ухудшилось около двух недель назад по причине болезни, от которой она ранее не страдала, и не было риска. При этом ни одного звонка от этой компании не поступило, более того, они все время утверждают, то у них нет наших контактных данных. Откровенная ложь, ведь со мной при желании связываются люди со всех точек мира, от Казахстана до Атланты, штат Джорджия в США! К тому же моя бабушка говорила, что она им все координаты передала. На данный момент она находится в больнице в ОЧЕНЬ тяжелом состоянии ступора, еще в субботу моя мама приехала ее навестить, хотя бабушке было очень плохо, но она еще могла с нами говорить. Позже выяснилось, что, не смотря на то, что с ней находилась сиделка от компании, моя бабушка таинственным образом встала ночью в своей комнате, где отключили электричество, упала и потеряла дар речи. Спрашивается, что в это время делала сиделка? Чай пила на кухне или вышла покурить? Почему это произошло, когда человеку было уже очень плохо, она почти слепая, до этого уже вызывалась скорая помощь, какое оправдание у сиделки? Моя мама подъезжала вчера к этому стремному зданию, где находится ООО "НГППР", где нет ни вывески этой шарашкиной конторки, ни прямого входа, ее даже не пустили в офис и отказались передать документы и договор, подписанный моей бабушкой. Я писала им письма, которые они получили, но проигнорировали. Они звонили все время сиделке в больницу, чтобы удостовериться, не умерла ли моя бабушка. Уход они в больнице не предоставляют, более того, оставили ее лежать в коридоре, когда только привезли, и забрали ее теплые вещи, когда ее привезли. Когда моя мама приехала, ей стало лучше, так как мама о ней позаботилась, но потом опять ухудшилось, после маминого отъезда. Моя бабушка не была заброшена, и такое отношение к ней, к вдове капитана второго ранга военно-морского флота, просто отвратительно. Тем более, что ей полагается лечение в очень хороших клиниках, как вдове военного. Есть цепь странных совпадений, но об этом позже, тем не меннее, моя бабушка сама говорила, как только ей стало плохо, что такого с ней никогда не было. Все действия этой компании на данный момент по отношению к нам и моей бабушке не соответсвуют тому, на что она рассчитывала начав общаться с ними, и только свидетельстуют об обмане. Она с нами не согласовывала подписание с ними договора, и мы узнали об этом пост-фактум. Возможно, моя бабушка толком договор не разглядела и не поняла его суть, но нам его эта контора даже не хочет предоставить! Как можно так воспользоваться доверием старого человека?!?!?!?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Old but gold :) My interview on "Invincible Radio part 3: Studio Equipment January 2009"

My interview about studio gear in January 2009 on Invincible Radio still some useful info for up and coming producers and engineers there

Jahna Sebastian live at VENUE with special guest P.Nology (PHOTOS)

Jahna Sebastian performed live at VENUE in Enfield on 2nd February 2013

Check out the pics from the event

 With Elvis Eddie

 With special guest P.Nology

 With rapper Laughta

With P.Nology and Paul