Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Fame Money Game" by Jahna Sebastian music video shoot PHOTOS

"Fame Money Game" music video by Jahna Sebastian real name Zhanna Andrianova has been shot at "The Arc" studios last week by VideoSquid. The video has been filmed for 3 days and here are some of the pictures taken by Fabrizio Carta on set:

Fame Money Game DnB Remix Jahna Sebastian(Produced by Jahna Sebastian) by multivizion_music

More pics will be released soon.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Christina Morgan doing an interview with Ayo and J2K (Roll Deep)

Check out my girl Christina Morgan doing an interview with Ayo and J2K (Roll Deep) Grime "Central" Daily - on set of their new music video 'Break Free' (behind the scenes)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

"Russky Cockney" single by Oxxxymiron including my Dubstep remix of "Moi Mentalitet"

Oxxxymiron released his new single "Russky Cockney" featuring new track and remixes including my Dubtep remix on "Moi Mentalitet" through Vagabund.

Listen to and download "Moi Mentalitet" Dubstep remix:

Oxxxymiron - Moi Mentalitet dubstep version (prod. Jahna Sebastian) by multivizion_music

New music video for “Russky Cockney” scored a significant number of over 33 000 views within only one day after it’s official release through Russian major hip-hop web-site RAP.RU

"Russky Cockney" music video:
prod. Arschtritt Lindgren
recorded by Jahna Sebastian @ Multivizion Music, London
additional vocals by Jahna Sebastian
mixed by Santo

Download full single "RUSSKY COCKNEY":


1. Мой менталитет (prod. Jahna Sebastian)
2. Russky Cockney (prod. Arschtritt Lindgren)
3. Мой менталитет (prod. Henzl Washington)
4. Russky Cockney (Santo RMX)
5. Мой менталитет (prod. LO)

“Moi Mentalitet”, “Russky Cockney” and “Vostochniy Mordor” recorded at Multivizion Music are the first Russian Grime/Dubstep tunes to make such an impact.

Throwback video, how we recorded original "Moi Mentalitet" in my studio:

Friday, 19 August 2011

MARKUL feat. Oxxxymiron - V Tihom Omute

New music video from London rappers Markul and Oxxxymiron

Recorded & Mixed by Jahna Sebastian @ Multivizion Music, London
Instrumental: Develop - Hood Shit

Filmed by Sergei Valmons / LondonFlashBack.com
Edited by Milzis Media Production, London / milzis.com

Jahna Sebastin with daughter Nicole

Jahna Sebastian and London MC No Limit

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oxxxymiron feat. Domino - Привет со дна (2nd single from the album)

Oxxxymiron feat. Dom!no - Привет со дна (скачать второй сингл с альбома)
Second single from his forthcoming album.

Stay tuned


Oxxxymiron feat. dom!no - Привет со дна

recorded by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music/London. Produced by Romaniac Beatz.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oxxxymiron – Восточный Мордор

New single from Oxxxymiron's upcoming album which is goint to be released through new label VAGABUND
Produced by Runaway
Mixed and mastered by Santo
Recorded by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music

Oxxxymiron - Восточный Мордор