Friday, 4 November 2011

24/7 Grind

A lot of the time people assume that you are just having fun all day if you are doing music, and it's the easiest thing to do, but to succeed you stop treating it as a hobby. Music industry is a 24/7 work, you work 12, 14, 18 hours a day, no difference between weekdays and weekends, even when you sleep you are planning. Your work day might not always start 9am like most people, but it won't finish until 2am-4am, I end up mixing tracks, recording, edititng, producing etc. while many other people watch evening shows on TV and chill in the bars. I've been on Eastenders, but I have never got the time to watch even one episode. Some people I know only wake up at 12pm but they work until 6am in the studio so they are being far from lazy. Aside from the time when you are inspired to write a song, actually editing audio can be a really tedious experience. Even when I am with friends I am still thinking about tunes, also you have to do research every day. when entertainment industry is the only place where people willingly do a lot of work for free or don't see rewards for a long time. In 9-5 job everything is simple and easy to plan, holidays and all. I haven't been on a holiday for 5 years and add the stress of trials and errors in music industry where a lot of things depend on "being at the right time in the right place" and promotion. I have been doing music for years, but I have had a gazillion day jobs from waitress and secretary to a sales expert in a music tech shop. The hustle in this industry is the most hardcore and restless. I am blessed to do music and acting full time but at the same there is a lot of work involved to just make a 3 min song it takes way longer than 3 minutes.

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