Thursday, 24 November 2011

Den Bro NEW mixtape out now!

Den Bro is a Russian rapper based in London, who was a part of rap group Tribe together with Markul and Chiff. He was one of the first artists to record at Multivizion Music from back in 2007. His new mixtape is out now recorded at Skyline studio and two tracks from the mixtape have been recorded and mixed by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music in Croydon,
one of them has been previously released with a music video:

"Vse Blije" feat. Markul

and another one is "Vechniy Son" also featuring Markul

Den Bro has also recorded first collaboration track with rapper Oxxxymiron at Multivizion Music studio in spring 2008. Around that time the Russian Hip Hop movement among Russian speaking immigrants started to consolidate in London, artists started to work together, live shows and parties started to happen, Greenpark TV launched in 2011. Multivizion Music has been in the centre of this development with many artists recording in the studio. Rapper Oxxxymiron has since recorded many tracks at Multivizion Music including his album "Vechniy Jid" (2011)
Den Bro, Oxxxymiron, Markul and many others represent Russian Hip Hop movement in London.

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