Monday, 19 January 2009


Here is a great movie that shares a secret we all want to know: the key to success, it is in visualizing what you want and seeing it being attracted to you as if you were a magnet. In simple words you get what you want, but I have to add that you should never forget about harmony and connection with the world around you and taking into account what other people want. You can't make somebody love you, if he/she don't want it, but wants something else. But you can visualize and achieve great results at work, get more clients, make more money through your business. And let's remember, everybody has their own historical role, so you can't be Napoleon if you are actually more talented in composing and supposed to make it like Beethoven :) You gotta take into accounts your talents. A few examples from my personal experience: before I launched my career as an artist, I attended Bob Marley festival in Moscow and I imagined how I would perform there the following year, and guess what - the following year, I was there on stage!

This is the first 20 min of the movie, you can get the full version here:

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