Friday, 23 January 2009

RivMixx - new networking web-site for music fans, artists, producers, record labels!

" is a music industry based networking site, which allows fans to keep in constant contact with the latest music, news and information from their favourite Artists, DJ’s, Clubs and Labels, as well as providing the perfect promotional platform and networking opportunities for upcoming and distinguished artists. Rivmixx strives to provide an end-to-end solution for all industry based networking and promotion; allowing industry users to provide fans with music, photos, discographies, videos and latest news, as well as targeting mail to fans via gender, country or cities and even file transfer between industry users.

Rivmixx is designed to keep more interaction between fan and user, fans can keep up to date with their MyMixx feature, which combines all news, releases and appearances / tour dates from each users favourite artists. MyMixx is a fan user’s very own, personalised Internet magazine. Fans can also write their own reviews of all news, gigs and other artist information as well as network with other fans that share the same tastes and musical interests." Danny Mac


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