Sunday, 18 January 2009

How about moving to live on Mars in the future? Possible signs of life have already been discovered there!

NASA announced that methane gas has been discovered on Mars. The way in which the methane gas is being released has many scientists believing that it could be a sign of some type of biological activity. It means, that life may either be forming or has already formed on Mars. Most of methane on Earth is caused by living organisms, which make it as a by-product of breaking down food.

You can watch the streaming video here

Now scientists have said they need to send a mission to Mars with a probe that is capable of drilling down below the frozen Martian surface, to where water - and life - might exist.

Nasa's Mars Science Laboratory is due to start carrying out further tests on the planet in 2011.

If Mars has good enough conditions for life, it could be one of the possible destinations where we could relocate in case the Earth gets completely destroyed by human beings ... Just need to get my space ship ready for that, in fact I started planning that when I was a child ...

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