Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentine's Love party in Coventry

It was a great experience coming to Coventry on 16th February and walking around the city the following day. At first we went to the Hillz 98.6 fm to the Williams Brothers show, on my way to the hotel as it got dark I was astonished to see the figures of an Angel coquering the Demon on the wall of the St Michael Cathedral. It was quiete and myserious on the territory of the old, the new Coventry Cathedral buildings and the ruins as suddenly someone started playing organ and sound of it were resonating through the walls. The Cathedral was closed as it was evening and it was not a mass time, so I couldn't go in and see who was playing, so I just remember the empty space of the Cathedral terriotory, the Coventry University behind me and the lone sounds of the massive organ.
Later I performed at the Valentine's Love party at the Clique Bar, which was a great night with djs from Hillz fm playing their fine selection of tunes. Singer Mackson also performed a few r&b tunes.
The following day I was just walking around Coventry took some pics. I have always been fascinated with Gothic architecture...
Here are some pics, more pics from the event coming

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