Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What It Means to Love

Sometimes it's easy to get confused in understanding of what it really means to love. TO LOVE means TO DO and that's different from just having an emotion or affection for somebody. To love your children means to take care of them, take the responsibility for making everything possible for them to live a happy and comfortable life no matter what circumstances are - we do what we can. It's unconditional love, like mother loves her child when looking after him/her and what she is supposed to do while putting the child first in planning her life, changing baby's nappies, waking up early every day to feed the baby and not sleeping through the nights when the child doesn't sleep or is sick even if in the morning she has to work really hard - she just doesn't sleep at all, doing everything possible to make a better living space and organizing school/college and many other things. There are no questions whether she wants to do it - she must do it and it's responsibility to love. It has to be the same for fathers, although some men do understand it, others just say it but in reality they don't realize that saying "love" and doing it - "loving" has a lot of work in between. The same thing applies to relationships, because after passion is gone it's about maintaing respect for each other, taking care of each other, being there for each other in sickness, weakness and any hardships, which is much more than just spending time together and having fun, like marriage differs from dating, because it goes to the next level as the years go by. However, to love our children and parents should always be number one priority to anything else because children are innocent and should not be responsible for our mistakes, and parents need our care and respect since they raised us and tried their best.

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