Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Real rebels who strive for change in the world live and breath revolution to backup their words with actions

Real revolutionries throughout history always had to live the life of revolution, be exiled at some point from their country and locked up in some prison that would only prove their point and be granted official "rebel" status. They had to be a refugee and run away from those persecuting them for speaking and living the truth, just like prophets are not appriciated in their native land in the beginnings. Real rebels like Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey and others had to flee from their countries for bringing up issues unspoken about before and fighting for people's rights. There is a path that needs to be accomplished because truth is always being chased at first because it's a test for it, lies always find easy way to come through until revealed. There are many wearing false "rebel" masks, picking fruits of revolution done before, but how can any idea of freedom be promoted by those who are slaves to the System? History will tell who is who and the wheat from the chaff will be separated.

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  1. Word. You spit real fire girl. Real rebels for sure. Marcus Garvey was one of the best.