Sunday, 9 May 2010

9th of May - the Day of Victory of USSR over Nazis in World War II

9th May - the Victory of USSR over Hilter and Nazi Germany in 1945, millions of Russians killed, both of my great grandparents fought in the war and died - one driving a tank and another one was the captain of the ship. Many history books have been rewriten in the West in favour of US and UK reducing the impact of people, but I and other Russians know facts from our grandparents apart from history lessons - truth being told through generations. Hitler repeated Napoleon's mistake but trying to invade Russia is like blowing at the candle light when the wind blows against you. Whoever will try again will fail, Russia has got sacred places and people at monasteries praying. In one of the last interviews Hitler said that fascism will return and rise up later in Russia, unfortunately, it became reality. But we celebrate the Vicotry over Nazis in 1945 because our great grandparents honorably fought for the next generations to be free from it. The modern neo-nazism in Russia is yet to be conquered - that's the paradox in the history, but it was brought from the outside through brainwashing of young people. 65 years ago Soviet people of all nations in USSR fought against the enemy without a question about skin color. We are confident in the Victory of Good over Evil.

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
We say war

Victory Parade, Moscow 2010

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