Saturday, 13 December 2008


I just saw this on RealTalkNY:

The Baltimore Examiner obtained surveillance footage of teenagers laughing while a 46-year-old man is robbed at gunpoint and then shot in a Chinese carry out. Two teens have been charged as adults, but the rest will probably not be charged for their callous attitude. Detectives told Luke Broadwater that shopkeepers continued taking orders and serving customers while the man bled on their floor, refusing him shelter behind the counter.


This is crazy, in this time and age we are supposed to be moving forwards, or it seems some people evolute back to monkey level? There are tough areas, I've seen some craziness going on. BUT. I have to say, when some people are trying to get explanations to things like that saying: "They were drug dealers, now they got now choice, too much pressure on them, so they have to rob". No matter how poor you are, there is ALWAYS an alternative. Especially in developed countries like US and UK. Education will open your eyes on better things in life. You don't have to want all the bling-bling all at once. There is a more positive way, if those guys at least went to college, they wouldn't end up selling drugs in the first place, even in these times of world crisis there is always a way to keep yourself on top of things. What a wasted life - hustling drugs, robbing, then - prison, then after serving the time, everything starts again in the same circle. Or read some books, take some course, find out what you might be good at in this life, get a job, you gotta start somewhere, nobody can be the boss straight away, then after you get some experience - start your own business. That way when you are 50 you'll probably be retiring on your villa in Spain instead of going back and forth from prison to outside world when your kids - if you ever have any - will hate you, swear at you, and probably follow your footsteps. There is no point to this. If you want to - you CAN get out. Just open your eyes. Some of my friends used to be part of Russian mafia back in the days, and that's not some local thugs, those guys were seriously controlling the whole areas in Moscow back in the 90's. They all have grown up now and found God and a goal in there life. The goal is - to master what your are good at and achieve the best results and make a positive impact into your community. Peace & Blessings

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