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How genius makes it or from nothing to something

Now I wanna talk about understanding of achievements in the light of circumstances given.

"I come from a place where kids are addicted to glue" - that's one of the lines from K'Naan's song "What's hardcore?". That is relevant to Russia too.
When I was locked up I've seen people who have come through some serious offences in this life: I've seen those who were raped, betrayed, lost all their possessing because of war, have been persecuted or unlawfully prosecuted etc. and still they would be looking into the future with their eyes wide open and not losing a positive view. In some countries the most common word you hear is "death" and it's like cleaning your teeth everyday, like watching football.

Let's take two examples. The genius of Bob Marley, who was a boy from a small village in the middle of nowhere in Jamaica, who came all the way from there to become an international Icon, some consider him a prophet. He had to struggle longer than even the period of him finally becoming successful superstar before he died, but the legend will live forever. He became from nothing into one of the most influential people of the last century and even now posthumously. He came from a small poor family in a controversial and at that time very racist society and if you want to talk money - well, his albums are still selling better than some of these chart-floppers of these wannabe pop-stars, who don't even write any of their songs not being particularly talented vocally or artistically either.
Then let's take somebody (not being specific to name) who was lucky enough to have a huge family that was mostly involved in the same industry, born in UK or US, then together they build empire brick by brick, making more and more money and than becoming so money-blind that the only thing left is to boast about how much they have. Now, people born in Jamaica, Somalia or Russia have less opportunities to start with in this world than those born in US or UK, especially if you belong to ethnical minority (that's why it's called so, there's not many people like you) Then sometimes you have to go to another country to survive and get a better chance in life, but start everything from the beginning on your own, being absolutely lonely with NOONE to back you up. Now who has the LONGER WAY TO THE STARS HAS MORE REAL DIGNITY AND RESPECT. There is nothing to boast about if you have been given a relatively easier circumstances to go through than somebody else who had to struggle to get what he has. Now looking at some chain blingers in America and at kids who are war-veterans in Somalia, I can clearly see who is the NATURAL WINNER.

I felt like I'll post an incomplete list of famous refugees:

Moses - fled Egypt after killing a man [subject to belief and historical record]
Jesus - his family fled from Israel because of King Herod [subject to belief and historical record]
Muhammad (PBUH) - fled from Mecca to Medina in 577 [subject to belief and historical record]
Max Born - Nobel Prize for physics - German-Jewish refugee
Albert Einstein - one of the world's most famous scientists - German-Jewish refugee
Alexander Alekhine - chess World Champion, who moved from Communistic Russia to France.
Marlene Dietrich - actress and refugee from Nazi Germany
Peter Carl Fabergé - Russian jeweller, fled Russia via Finland, Germany to Switzerland.
Alfred Wolmark - painter, a Polish-Jewish refugee
Mika -famous singer who fled from Beirut Lebanon .
Wyclef Jean - Haitian refugee. Named group Fugees (short for refugee).
M.I.A. - English-born singer. Part of a Tamil Sri Lankan refugee family
Bob Marley - Fled Jamaica to Miami after being shot during political violence.
K'Naan - Somali "The Dusty Foot Philosopher" Hip Hop Artist now living in Toronto, Canada
Karl Marx - political theorist and German refugee
Leon Trotsky - Marxist theorist, and former member of the Soviet Politburo
Madeleine Albright - former U. S. Secretary of State
Sigmund Freud - Austrian Jew, founded psychoanalysis, he fled from Nazism in Austria
Claude Lévi-Strauss - French-Jewish philosopher and anthropologist. He was a French refugee
Michaëlle Jean - Haitian- The current Governor-General of Canada
Anish Kapoor - won the 1991 Turner Prize. His parents were refugees who fled Iraq.
Sir John Houblon - grandson of refugees. He was the first Governor of the Bank of England
Alek Wek - a supermodel, she fled Sudan with her family
Tanya Sarne - fashion designer and creator of the Ghost label. Her father was a Russian refugee.
Sir Alec Issigonis - designer of the Mini, he was a refugee
Anne Frank - as a child she fled from Nazi Germany to the Netherlands.
Vladimir Nabokov - Russian author and lepidopterist. Escaped to Europe from the Russian Civil War and then to the United States from the advance of Nazi Germany.

Even though some of these people might not have made as much money as 50 Cent, or some of the little kids next door would know Souljaboy better, the contribution of the first to the global history can't be valued with money or underestimated.
We need to understand that people who have really made history, I would say every real leader has been at some point very low and powerless, when those who had no moral right abused or offended them just because it seemed they had more lawful or money power. This life has ups and downs and practically the STRONGER AND MORE HISTORY USEFUL THE PERSON IS THE BIGGER THE CONTRAST IS IN DIFFERENT TIMES IN HIS/HER LIFE.

The same way this refers to those who got something too easily - don't be too overwhelmed with illusions, nothing material lasts forever, even your physical life on earth.
The history also shows, how leaders have been abandoned by the most useless hypocrites in hard times, than only to trade places of both sides so revenge was impossible to avoid, but it was too late for those hypocrites to apologize ... The History is a joker too.

Peace n Harmony

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