Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Antifascist murdered by neo nazis in Ryazan, Russia

On 23rd of May 2010 a group of neo-nazis armed with stones attacked antifascist Konstantin Lunkin. The attack happened on his birthday near the entrance to his house. Nazi beated him up violently, fructured his skull with a stone. Girlfriend of one of the attackers couldn't stand the violance and called ambulance. On 31st May 2010 the young man died in the hospital from received injuries after being in coma.

Two graduates of local school suspected in the murder were detained on the day of the attack as the witness recognized them. However they were released soon after that. They were made free after police believed alibi of their parents that their children were at home at the time of the attack. According to antifascists from Ryazan, police have been passive in finding out the circumstances of the murder.

Konstantin Lunkin was representative of antifascist movement, sportsman and was actively resisting neo-nazis. He turned 25 years on 23rd May - the day of the attack. It is known, that boldheads have included him into their "black list" of enemies.

Friends of the antifascist said that he was a "free artist", social activist, who was into graffiti and was a very good person and friend.


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