Saturday, 28 November 2009

"Emancipation EP" will be out on the 4th December @ Aquarium club

My next live show is on 4th Dexember @ club Aquarium, 256 Old Street London

All of my people will be also performing there: "Tribe" (Den Bro, Mark, Chiff), No Limit, Oxxxymiron, Lady MC, Rephlex and others. In the second room - dubstep, grime!

I getting my album "Emancipation EP" for release, this is my first solo album, it's entirely produced and recorded by me at my studio "Mutlvizion Music". It will go on sale at my gig on 4th December, and also will be available online. This album mean beginning of the time in my life for me and emancipation from what has been binding my movements before, this is my view of freedom and all songs on this album are based on real events that have happened in my life. At this moment I am also working on new songs for the next album, I will tell a bit more about it later. I can definitely say, that "Emancipation EP" is the signpost of the new way.

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