Monday, 9 March 2009

DIY artist example : hand made cd's for sale : I Am Jen project

I was just listening to a CD Baby podcast today, and it featured an interview with an artist, who represents an example of out-of-the-box approach to what she does, from videos she made to cd's she also made by hand. I'm not saying that everybody should start selling albums recorded on blank cds with stickers on them instead of a standard full color 4-page inlay packaged cds in jewel cases (cello wrapped), it is one of the signs of the time for the DIY musicians: she makes her music, than creates her own videos and edits them, makes her cds and then distributes and promotes them herself, without any record label involved, and her songs do get air play in certain areas, and this is amazing. From what I heard in her interview, apparently, she only started doing all this as an experiment, a hobby rather than trying to make it her main occupation as an artist.

I am Jen : Making of Broken EP

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