Friday, 16 May 2008

Jahna Sebastina EP will be released in summer 2008!!!

Yes, it's time for my EP to be released this summer, exact date hasn't been set yet, but I know I'll put five songs there and I am doing it independantly, coz I am my own boss, yes, I write, produced, record, mix my own stuff and I have been doing my thing for a minute back home in Russia, than I moved to UK for a change and hope to get this out their. The world doesn't know about Russian artists out there yet, apart from classical music, there hasn't been anybody able to make it outside Russia except T.A.T.U. I am just goin with my own flow at the moment, and I have always been independant, we've made the history on a certain scale (underground, but that's where the music develops in Russia, not on the top of the pops there, most defenitely), so now it's time for me to move on in UK and spread the postivie message worldwide. Music is my life and I have always been making it, although I am not from a musical family, it is my choice despite all the hardships and underwater stones I've came across on the road, I try to keep it positive and I will be always making my music for the love of it. I am putting out my cd myself, so, if you like what I'm doing, all sorts of support is welcomed, join my mailing list for news and updates, join my street team and spread the message, my music and videos etc.

Peace & Blessings


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