Sunday, 6 April 2008

The weather's gone crazy in London

I woke up today, looked outside my bedroom window and couldn't believe my eyes: SNOW everywhere! In April! In England! and yesterday it was like +16 C! I have never seen such a huge temprature shift in my life! I am from Moscow where we have four seasons with -25 C in winter and + 30 in summer, but when the weather changes within two days, it can't be explained, especially in the country of a mild climate. By evening it melted away though. This is scary... Winter in Moscow in 2005/2006 was the coldest in the past 30 years with -40 C throughout all February, it was like walking on Mars, seriously, once you come out on the street in one minute your hair got covered with ice. Winter 2006/2007 was the warmest ever in Moscow when there was only one month of winter and through all other time it was above 0 C and polluted air gets stuck in your lungs toxicating your body even more severely ... After that you start believing a bit in various theories like "the end of the world in 2012" and stuff like that. I wrote a song recently called "So here comes the light now", so watch out, it has links with what I'm walking about here.

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