Sunday, 3 February 2008


People get obsessed too much by money. Some of them set their life goals around getting money, no matter wich way. They would steal or kill for money, they think money will give them more freedom, but they don't realize - they become the slaves for money. But when you die, you wouldn't even take your body away from earth. Money was created by human and can be both evil and good, in general - it's in the middle. Money can give security in a way, can pay for expensive operation or medical treatment required to save someone' life, for food for those who are hungry, for a place to live in not to stay in the street or in the jungle. Money can also make people go crazy about them and do stupid things. Money can bring security to some, but the others would become even more volnurable - mentally - being scared to loose this money one day. But if you loose it, what would you do? You'll start again and just know, there is always a way, as long as you are alive. Money can do a lot. But can't do one thing - it can't control you if you don't let it conquere you and make you sell your soul for it.

It is good to earn good money for the work you do. To be successful in what you do - is great. It is good to be appriciated and be able to support yourself and your family. But it's got another side of the medal.

Some people think: "cash rules everything around me". Not everything. Cash can't rule the circumstances and what is meant to be will be. If somebody is supposed to live or die, it will happen either way no matter what money involved. Cash can't rule God's plan. And there is always a human factor. It is more important to be true to yourself and to the others; to respect and keep real friendship; to keep promises you make or not make any pomises if you can't keep them; not to betray the ones you say you love; to take responsibility. Cash can't buy or fix mistakes in that. If you sell your soul once, no cash will buy it back. No matter, how much money you have - it is nothing to compare to eternity.

to be continued ...

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